Friends Recall Law

He was a man of knowledge. That's why WW Law's daily routine started with reading his morning papers.

"He read newspapers every day, New York Times, the Atlanta Constitution," recalled friend John Finney.

So Monday morning, when Law didn't answer his phone and friends noticed his newspapers still on his porch, they became concerned.

"The newspapers were in the front porch, the mail was in the mailbox, and the light was on and that was not a good omen at all," Finney said.

The omens proved true: this morning just after nine, police confirmed WW Law had died. Friends believe he may have passed away some time Sunday morning.

"It's like a hole," said friend Edna Jackson, "there's a hollow feeling. You just feel helpless because it's a tremendous loss to our community."

News spread quickly, and before long dozens of people stood outside Law's home on Victory Drive. Many were visibly shaken.

It was no secret Law had been ill. He had just undergone outpatient surgery, but even that hadn't stopped him. Finney noted that Law "was under strict doctor's orders to curtail activity. However since he was WW Law, he was still active in the community."

Still, friends who have known him for years thought there would be no end to the timeless leader.

"We knew Mr. Law was getting up in age," said Reverend Edward Ellis of First Bryan Baptist Church. "We felt he would go on like old man river, but it was common knowledge that he had slowed down."

Reported by: Elizabeth Trevino