WW Law Remembered

A public memorial service will be held Wednesday, August 7, at noon in the Savannah State University Sports Complex.

WTOC airs a one-hour tribute at 8pm Friday.

WW Law The American flag at Savannah State University is flying at half staff. WW Law, a 1948 graduate of what was then Georgia State College, was very active in school activities. Officials say both Law and his sage guidance will be missed.

"He told us we were on the right track here at SSU with the new leadership," commented Joseph Silver, senior VP of academic affairs. "And he's been very critical over the years of the leadership of this institution, but he has been very supportive of the recent leadership."

Law is the only person ever to have received an honorary doctorate degree from Savannah State.

Friends of Law are trying to come up with some sort of lasting tribute to remember the man who gave so much of himself to our community. How does Savannah even begin to commemorate such a strong community figure?

"That's a really difficult question," said city alderman Edna Jackson, "because Mr. Law was such a humble person."

It can't be anything flashy, because that would go against his wishes.

"I think if we wanted to do something for Mr. Law and all the work he has done, it would be that we would come together as a people," Jackson continued.

Savannah State University's Joseph Silver agrees, but adds he would like to remember Law through education. "I envision there would be a depository of his works," said Silver, "those things he has collected."

Things like Law's involvement with the Savannah's history, the NAACP, the first nine black police officers.

"It would be good to have it all in one place," said Silver. "Not only for viewing purposes, but for actual scholarship, to get individuals to write and disseminate information about those times to inform posterity."

Some people have suggested naming a street after Law, but there already is one, just off Styles Avenue.

Joe Randall is a well-known chef and teacher in Savannah. Law visited the cooking classes on several occasions, and Randall says he enjoyed good food. "I would gather up chefs I knew, and we would come and do a yearly dinner in his honor," he suggested.

If everyone had their say, WW Law would be honored every day. But most agree the best way to honor him is to keep it simple, just as he would.

We've also heard suggestions about naming a post office after WW Law since he was a postal carrier. Someone even suggested putting up a scholarship or a community center in his honor, but both of those already exist. Finding an appropriate way to honor Mr. Law may be difficult.

Reported by: Dmitra Denmark