117th Air Control Squadron

Our Mission:  
To provide theater command with battle management, radar surveillance, control, and communication capabilities to plan and execute combined air operations, and provide state authorities with a dedicated force ready to react to local emergencies.

Our Vision:
Empowered, dedicated professionals producing the best Control and Reporting Center that serves the nation, state, and community.

Our History:
During the 50 years since the unit was activated, the 117th has participated in a total of 59 field training exercises and deployments - 50 stateside and 9 overseas. Operationally, perhaps the most significant unit event occurred on January 8, 1951 when the 117th was called to active duty for 21 months during the Korean conflict. Upon returning to Air National Guard status, the unit was assigned to the 152nd Tactical Control Group, with Headquarters in White Plains, New York. While assigned to this Group, we participated in Field Training Exercises in the states of New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts. In December 1958, the unit was reassigned to the 157th Tactical Control Group with Headquarters in Saint Louis, Missouri. The unit has deployed four times to Norway. The 1984 sealift deployment to Norway established the 117th as the first 'Tactical Air Control System (TACS) Squadron to be sealifted. It was also the first TACS to Norway and the first time TACS and the Norwegian Air Defense Ground Environment (NADGE) System were integrated.

The 117th Air Control Squadron has passed three Operational Readiness Inspections (ORIs) and has been recognized with numerous awards. Most recently at "Combat Challenge 96", the' Air Force's Premier Worldwide Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence Competition, the 117th won First Place in the Air Control event. An impressive first for the Air National Guard. Also, the unit is the proud recipient of three Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards since 1993. From above the frozen Arctic Circle in Andoya Flystation, Andenes, Norway to the steaming equatorial jungles of Colombia, South America, and on the homefront, the 117th continues to aggressively meet and exceed every challenge with "Pride, Professionalism and People".