Hairstyle Controversy Goes National

We first told you last week that Inger Bostick, who works at the Chatham County Court House and was told to go home and not return to work until she changed her "twist" hairstyle.

She and her attorney just returned from a trip to New York. This story caught the attention of the journalists at CNN. Bostick will be telling her story on Connie Chung tonight.

She's is still trying to get back to normal life. Ever since she took a stand about not changing her hairstyle and returning to work at the county court house, she's been busy doing interviews from Savannah to New York City and a few places in between. She never thought that just standing up for what she believed in would get so much media attention and so much public support. But after her bosses' going back and forth about their stance on her hair, she's not sure what to think.

Around 5pm yesterday, the clerk of court sent out a news release stating that while trying to maintain professionalism they appeared to have offended many people, including  Bostick. And, that hairstyles like twists are now allowed as long as they stay "maintained and neat."

Bosick and her attorney got this news just after finishing up the interview with Connie Chung. Some think the national attention may have played a part in the court changing it's policy.

Reported by: Holly Bristow