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Project Derenne gaining a lot of attention

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - What's the future of Derenne Avenue? For years different plans have been submitted, but nothing has ever really been concrete and for the folks who live in the area they're tired of it.

"I am tired of living my life in limbo," said Eileen Holcomb, whose home is right off Derenne.

Any changes to the road will directly affect Holcomb.  "I would just like them to tell us if they're going to do it or not. If they're going to go commercial or if they're just going to widen it," said Holcomb.

Holcomb is not alone.  Tuesday people from a number of communities came to the public meeting and like Holcomb are concerned what changes to Derenne will mean for them.

"My biggest concern is that some neighbors may have to be uprooted," said Irene Hines of Tatumville, an area that would also be affected by any changes.

Others were concerned about their neighborhoods being disturbed, or the noise from the extra lanes of traffic.

All valid concerns and ones the city is hoping to address. That's what Tuesday night was all about, bringing all of these communities together, sitting them down and talking one on one.

Everyone that attended the meeting was broken into groups and sat at different tables.  At each table there was a volunteer who wrote down all their concerns and what they thought needed to be done.

The challenge is going to be finding a way to balance out what the community wants with what Derenne needs.

It could be a while longer before any plans are drawn up, but when they are folks like Holcomb will finally have the answers to their questions.

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