Weather Tropical Instructions

Instructions to DOWNLOAD Hurricane Data Files

To Save a data file in your WTOC Hurricane Tracking program follow these steps:
  1. Right mouse click the link to the data file
  2. In the option list, select "Save Target As..."
  3. At the bottom of the "Save as" window, select save as "All Types"
  4. Save the file in your "C:\Program Files\WTOC" directory.
If your browser opens the file in a new window, then save the file as fcst_test.tas (or whatever you wish to call it) in your "C:\Program Files\WTOC" directory.
Right Mouse Click here to download a TEST forecast
to enter into your WTOC Hurricane tracking program.

When running the WTOC Hurricane Tracking program, click on "Run Storm" then select the file you just downloaded. (It is called "fcst_test.tas").
When a storm develops, you will be able to download the storm's track and the "72 hour forecast" from the National Hurricane Center right here. It will be just like this test file.

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