Pit Bull Attack Update

Magdaleno Guerro was walking home from a friend's house when he was attacked by pit bull and an American bulldog last night. Down the street, Kelly Banks heard the struggle and knew someone needed to help.

"I just told my friend to call 911. I jumped in the car. I didn't even think. I drove up to 101 Smith and heard a man yelling, 'Help me, help me,'" she said.

When Kelly pulled into the driveway she found the man had one dog attached to his arm the other was chomping on his leg. He grabbed onto the side of her car and she drove him one hundred yards down the road while the chaos continued.

"That's when I shot in the air," said neighbor Lee Wilkes. "I ran into my bedroom, grabbed my revolver, and out the front door."

The shot scared the dogs away from the man and the car, and one of them was hit by a passing car.

"After he got run over, he was hurt but charging towards me," recalled Wilkes.

And that's when the second shot was fired into the air, scaring the dogs away for good and giving Banks and Wilkes a chance to help the man.

"There were holes in his arms, one really bad," said Banks, "a lot worse than the other. The whole back of his leg was just eaten."

Both dogs were quarantined by animal control. We're told neither got tags or rabies shots since May of 2001. The dog owners have been charged with having their dogs at large, not having shots, and failure to maintain dangerous dogs. More charges could be pending.

Since the dogs didn't have current shots and they need to be checked for rabies, they could be put to sleep within the next ten days.

Reported by: Holly Bristow