Five-Year-Old Suspended from Kindergarten

It's only the second day of school and just imagine, getting a call that your kindergartener has been suspended for bringing a violent toy to the classroom.

Among all the excitement of the start of the school year at White Bluff Elementary, a kindergartener was learning a very important lesson. On the second day of the school, he was suspended for bringing what the principal called violent toys into the classroom, violating the zero tolerance policy. Because of state law, the principal couldn't discuss specifics, but explained her interpretation of the policy.

"If it is something that would be a negative impact," principal Jane Ford-Brocato said, "then we need it to apply consequences as appropriate, with the understanding we want to guide the children into making good choices."

The child's parents were irate, and called WTOC for help, saying the situation is ridiculous.

To give you a perspective of the size of these violent toys, one is almost the size of a quarter. They are the plastic guns which kids use for their GI Joe dolls. Parents we talked with say they support the zero tolerance policy, but suspension may have been taking the situation too far.

Shortly after WTOC starting making calls on this story, the student's suspension was lifted and his parents say he is returning to school tomorrow.

The parents of this five-year-old did not want to talk on camera about this because they were worried about jeopardizing their child's school career.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro