Zero Tolerance in Our Schools?

A kindergarten student at White Bluff Elementary School was suspended for taking tiny toy GI Joe toy guns to school. Since the story first aired on WTOC, it has started a lot of talk around the area. Now we've heard from another parent that had a similar problem at White Bluff.

The principal says the toys were in violation of the school's zero tolerance policy. "Our principals take the safety of our students very seriously, and at times that has to be priority number one, almost over learning," said school board member Su Su Cox.

This controversial suspension caused a lot of talk around town. The school board hints there may be other details it cannot talk about by law. While the school board can't comment on specific cases, parents can. Especially parents who have students that have been suspended because of the zero tolerance policy.

Nicole Brown's son attends White Bluff Elementary. He was suspended for five days last year for having a plastic toy dart gun, which she says fit in the palm of his hand.

She was irate about her own son, but after hearing about this most recent suspension, she says enough is enough.

"I feel it was to the extreme, we have gone overboard," she said. "I feel that stuff should be examined before our children are put of of school for something so simple."

The kindergartener's suspension was shortened after WTOC started making phone calls--now school board members say the zero tolerance policy is being addressed.

"I think what you will find is the superintendent will be speaking to all the principals specifically about the zero tolerance policy and how they use their own discretion," board member Lori Brady told us.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro