Primary Preparations in Chatham County

Georgia's primary is just a few days away. Candidates are busy campaigning and election officials are making sure everything goes smoothly. Hundreds of thousands will go to the polls to cast their votes in a very important election year, as the governor's seat is up for grabs. Also, there are the senate and house races, not to mention new district lines.

Plus you need to know where your polling location is. And with so many candidates out campaigning, you may be concerned about reading the ballot, but we have some good news that may clear up some confusion.

When you vote democrat or republican, your ballot sheet will only list the candidates in that party. With so many candidates names out there, you may be confused on who you need to vote for, but the ballots will clear that up.

"All the ballots are precinct specific and voter specific," Gail Whitehead of the Chatham County Board of Elections told us.

So your ballot will only have the candidates for your district, along with the statewide and county candidates.

"One thing you have to check out before Tuesday is where you cast your vote," Whitehead went on. "Some of the polling locations have changed; take for example the National Guard Armory, you won't be voting here any more. Voters in this precinct will go to the Grace United Methodist Church."

Sometimes the names of the locations change too, like the Christ Memorial Baptist Church on Harmon St. is now the Glory Temple of God. Follow the link below for the complete list of changes.

So while election officials are busy with making sure the polls are set up, it's a good idea to know what poll to go to and remember to vote on Tuesday. One thing we also want to remind you is that even if you don't have a voter registration card, you can vote--just bring a form of identification so poll workers know who you are.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro