Hinesville Cabbie Murder Update

Coworkers are mourning the loss of a Hinesville cab driver. Three suspects are behind bars, charged with the crime, but their arrest makes the loss no easier for the victim's friends.

WTOC was in Hinesville today to talk with some of the drivers. They say Larry Dugger had been driving a cab for 15 years. He followed all the steps to avoid trouble. He was careful where he picked up fares. But even that didn't help this time.

Coworker Jerrald Burgess is trying to get over the shock.

"During the time I knew him, I never saw him get upset and he'd go out of his way to do just about anything for anybody," said Burgess.

A photo Dugger and poster in the office where people have written their goodbyes testify to everyone's shock and sorrow.

Around 3:30am Sunday morning, Dugger picked up a fare at a hotel on Highway 84 and headed east. Minutes later, a deputy taking a prisoner to jail noticed the cab on the side of the road and called for someone to check it out.

When the deputy got to Highway 84 to check on Dugger's cab, it was gone. But nearby, he spotted a car at a home that was supposed to be abandoned. Because that was suspicious, he got names, addresses, even license numbers.

Minutes later, Dugger radioed he'd been shot. When they found him, he'd lost too much blood.

"We put it together and said, 'Hey what is this car doing parked so close to a crime scene?'" said Liberty County sheriff J. Don Martin.

Within hours, they'd arrested Drevonte Armour and Tyrone Garvin along with Arnell McAllister. McAllister was a soldier stationed at Fort Stewart. All three men are in the Liberty County jail. They should face a bond hearing tomorrow.

One of the cab owners told us Dugger had picked up one of the men earlier Saturday night and dropped him off. When they called back for a cab, it's hard to know if they thought they'd get the same driver.

Reported by: Dal Cannady