Billy Knight Sentenced

Billy Knight III was convicted in May on 17 of 18 counts for his role in an insurance kickback scheme which also involved mail fraud and money laundering. Yesterday, he was sentenced.

Since Billy Knight was first indicted in federal court two years ago, a lot has changed. He suffered a stroke, has undergone brain surgery twice, and is now blind. He asked the judge to take all this into consideration in a letter read to the court, written by his brother. In the letter he apologizes, admits guilt of using poor judgement, says he needs someone to take care of him, and a asks the judge for leniency.

"There were circumstances in regards to the defendant's health that had to be taken into account," noted US attorney Rick Thompson.

And they were. Instead of giving him jail time, the judge sentenced Knight to 18 months of electronically monitored home confinement.and three years supervised release.

Neither Knight, his attorney, nor his family would talk on camera about the judge's decision. His stepbrother did tell us the family is relieved the judge was a little lenient on Knight, but that they're still wondering how this case ended up in federal court.

On top of home confinement, Knight must pay $22,500, which will go to the school board, and $1,700 in court fees.

Reported by: Holly Bristow