Details on Billy Knight's Sentence

Billy Knight's family was at his side throughout his entire trial, and now that he has been sentenced to 18 months of home confinement, they will be able to remain near him. Over the past two years, Knight has suffered a stroke and went through brain surgery twice.

His family tells WTOC they are not thrilled with the court ordeal, but they are happy he can stay home and get the rehabilitation he needs. He will have to follow a strict schedule set by the judge while on home confinement.

Knight will wear a monitor on his ankle, an anklet that traces every move a person makes.

"In the event that [a wearer] walks out of the range of the monitor if it is unapproved, we'll get a phone call letting us know it's out of range," explains Dmitra Bush of Savannah Impact, which uses the same type of monitoring device.

Billy Knight is allowed to go to the Savannah Association for the Blind three times a week, to church, and to the doctor's office, but his friends and family will all have to stop by to see him.

Knight is not allowed to deviate from any of the judge's restrictions, or he could find himself back in court or possibly in jail. Once he completes his home confinement, he'll have an additional three years of supervised release.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro