Bus Skids Off Road


These marks were allegedly made by a school bus leaving the road too fast.

Parents say a bus driver for the Jasper County School district violently jerks the bus back and forth to get the kids under control. In Hardeeville South Carolina, some children got off the bus and told their parents they were scared they were going to die on the ride home from school.
Concerned parent Angela McKenzie met with the school principal, the bus driver, and the bus driver's supervisor this morning at West School to let them know what had happened yesterday afternoon.
"I don't want to cause trouble for anybody," McKenzie told us. "I just want my child to get on the bus and get from point A to Point B safely."
McKenzie says a grassy area on the side of Highway 17 in Hardeeville is where her eight-year-old daughter said the bus driver swerved off the road and threatened the students off the bus after leaving West Hardeeville School. The grass was wet, and the bus slid.
McKenzie recalled her meeting with the bus driver. "She proceeded to tell me that the kids were talking and being unruly on the bus, and the bus driver, in her own words, had snatched the bus off the road. And it almost turned over."
No one was injured during the incident, but McKenzie says many could have been, and that's what make her worried.
"If the bus had overturned," she said, "it could have seriously hurt or killed some of them."
However, the superintendent of Jasper County schools says the bus driver took the proper safety measures that are stated in the School Bus Driver's Handbook.
"It was a safety precaution," Dr. William Singleton told us. "Our bus drivers are trained that if an incident on the bus is out of control, they are trained to pull that bus to the side of the road."
The superintendent says the school system does plan on looking into the incident, but is not planning to take any disciplinary actions against the driver.
"She may have not slowed down enough and that's what caused the skid marks," said Superintendent Singleton, "but she acted very appropriately."
He did tell us that the bus driver is back driving the bus today. McKenzie told us that she will be taking her child to and from school until she feels comfortable

Reported by: Jaime Dailey