Double Murder on Lady's Island

Police are looking for clues after a Low Country couple were murdered in their home on Lady's Island in Beaufort Saturday morning. Twenty-four-year old Glenn Jenkins of Saint Helena Island and 27-year-old Jerolyn Shaw of Lady's Island were found shot to death.

The 911 call came in shortly after 2am. Upon arrival, the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office found a white male inside the house and a white female was found outside the house on a curb. Both were murdered, and these brutal slayings have left residents baffled.

"You would think that in a small town like this, especially this division here, that things wouldn't happen like this, but it did," said neighbor Peter Lievense.

"The investigation has developed a strong lead, and we have investigators following those leads at this time," said Captain Julian Walls of the sheriff's office.

The sheriff's department also says this incident shouldn't worry neighbors.

"I don't feel this is anything for the residence here to be alarmed about. I don't believe it's a random thing and we're on top of it," said Walls.

The bodies of both victims were sent to the Medical University of Charleston for autopsies.

If you have any information about what happened, call CrimeStoppers at (800) 525-7175.

Reported by: Nicole Teignen