Primary Runoff Turnout Good

Today's runoff results will determine who'll make it onto the ballot in November. No one knows for sure how many people will turn out for a primary runoff in years past, the numbers have not been strong.

Precinct manager Betsy Defilippis told us she "set up and opened at seven, and at two minutes after seven we had our first voter."

"You hear rumors that no one's going to show up, nobody's going to come," said fellow precinct manager Cynthia Smith.

But  at the Tompkins Recreation Center, that has not been the case. Numbers have been high, even higher than they were for the August primaries. A large turnout here has a lot to do with what's on the ballot, as this precinct is mostly democratic. By noon, not one republican ballot had been issued; this year the democratic ballot is where all the local action is.

Runoffs include the school board president race, the 124th House District race and the 12th Congressional District seat race.

For complete results as they come in, visit our Campaign 2002 Page.

Reported by: Elizabeth Trevino