Effingham County Teen Murdered

The first murder of the year in Effingham County occurred on Dogwood Avenue off of Sandhill Road, where a small group of friends had gathered at a home for a party. Their night had an unexpected ending.

About a dozen teens were gathered the house last night. The sheriff's department says it believes they were drinking.

According to Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie, one of the young men at the party was standing by the road. A car full of young men drove by, turned around and came back. The car slowed as one man leaned out the window with a gun and fired off at least one shot, hitting a 19-year-old in the chest. Deputies say the young man was dead when they arrived. Deputies are looking for the suspects.

"They were in a small, four-door car. They left, we think heading toward Pooler on Highway 80," Sheriff McDuffie said.

Police believe the suspects' car was either yellow or tan. They were given names of possible suspects and have called for a statewide lookout. Police have not yet released the victim's name; they're still trying to get in touch with his family.

The sheriff tells us at this point it looks like this may have been drug related.

Anyone with information about the shooting or the car is asked to call the Effingham County Sheriff's Department at 754-3449.

Reported by: Holly Bristow