Behind the Gates of Gitmo

The day after WTOC covered a speaking engagement in Savannah by Rear Admiral Mark "Buzz'' Buzby, former commander of the Joint Task Force at the US Navy Station in Guantanamo Bay, we were invited to Cuba for an inside look at the base.

10 months later and after dozens of emails along with hours of security-related paperwork, we were on our way there, preparing for four days worth of tours and interviews with Gitmo's highest-ranking officers.

A WTOC Special Report, Behind the Gates of Gitmo, will give you a rare look at life on the Navy's oldest international base, the only one operated in a Communist country, and "behind the wire,'' where the US government is holding enemy combatants pulled off the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan.

We will have stories on the lives of Gitmo guards and detainees and take a look at what the future of the 103-year-old base will be when the detention center is inevitably shut down.