MPC Delays Sandfly Wal-mart Decision

Wal-mart wants to settle in to Sandfly, but some in the small, southeast Chatham County community don't want the store. They squared off yesterday at a Metropolitan Planning Commission meeting. In the end their where just to many unanswered questions.

The MPC decided to postpone any decisions until it knows more about the future plans of all the property to be developed in the area. But there could be some changes made before the commission even meets again.

The lines have been drawn, but the fuss is over whether or not new lines could change a community. The debate raged on for more than four hours as both sides laid there plans out, but finally the commission decided to postpone a decision for 30 days to obtain more information.

The focus: 20 acres of land that, if not developed by Wal-mart, board members worried would be developed for other use that they could deem not suitable. The decision to postpone made many happy, like commissioner John McMasters.

"I wasn't here today to stop the project or support the protest," McMasters said, "just to create enough time for the commission to work for its citizens."

There could be a decision soon from the county commission; we'll keep you posted.

Reported by: Ryan Young