Pooler Plans for Growth with New Fire Station

The lone firehouse in Pooler will soon have company.

The City of Pooler is constantly growing. New houses and businesses are everywhere you turn. And right now there is only one fire station for everyone. But  that will be changing soon, thanks to good planning.
"There's a least four developments out there right now, and there's another three or four in planning stages," said Pooler mayor Buddy Carter.
While a single fire station isn't a problem now, it could be in the future, and firefighters say another fire station would be very helpful.
So amid all the development, one addition you will see is a new Pooler fire station right off Pooler Parkway near the YMCA. It's a plan that's been in the works since this growth started. Preliminary construction has already started in the new location. You can see a curb cut leading to where the building will be. They will start construction there in late December and hope to finish by the end of next year. The site allows access to the length of Pooler Parkway, Highway 80, I-95 and I-16, allowing easy access to all the homes.
"That's the whole goal of our job, to minimize damage and to save lives," said Chief Jimmy Fields of the Pooler PD.
At least three additional firefighters will be hired immediately and new equipment should be on the way soon.
Pooler is also making preliminary plans to build a third fire station near the Country Homes section of the city, but that wouldn't be built for another five to seven years.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro