Daimler Chrysler Could Come to Pooler

The City of Pooler is one step closer to a new Daimler Chrysler plant. Pooler, Charleston, and Jacksonville were all in the running for the plant. Jacksonville was recently eliminated because of environmental concerns. That leaves only Pooler and Charleston as contenders. Pooler residents are confident their city Charleston.

Paul Lovezzola has made his home and business in Pooler for 25 years. In that time he's seen some phenomenal growth in his city and his business. That's why he believes Pooler is the best choice for Daimler Chrysler.

"Right now, we're on the fringe of an economic boom. There's no question," he said. "This is where it should be. You've got the demographic location. You've got the roads and two interstates, not just one."

Daimler Chrysler is looking for a location to build cargo vans. If they choose Pooler, they'll most likely move to a 1,500-acre plot in the northeast quadrant of I-95 and Highway 16.

"The fact that the state has bought that property and purchased it and has made a commitment that we are going to move forward--whether we get this particular project or not, that some project is going to go there--speaks very well of the state," said Mayor Buddy Carter.

"I think it's one of the best things that could ever happen to our town," said Anne Smith, president of the Pooler Chamber of Commerce.

Pooler already has the interstates, the access to the port and railways, as well as the airport. City leaders like Smith say if Daimler Chrysler comes in, Pooler will also have about 3,000 more jobs.

"It would really have a great impact because I know people would be coming from everywhere wanting a job," she said.

With Jacksonville out of the picture, it's now up to state officials in Georgia and South Carolina to bargain with Daimler Chrysler to decide if Pooler or Charleston will be home to the new plant. Pooler officials hope to hear a decision sometime next month.

Reported by: Liz Flynn