Pastoral Care

Have you ever noticed that we celebrate together and grieve alone? The same persons who call friends to share their good fortune tell me that they cry in the shower to conceal their tears, even from loved ones. Whatever the loss, no matter the grief, always know, if a sparrow does not fall without our Heavenly Father knowing (Matthew 10; Luke 12), never does a tear fall without our Savior Jesus understanding. This edition of considers the experience of loss, grief and grieving in the Christian walk of faith. Click on to the pages in the web site for various perspectives.

Welcome to this new Christian ministry. This Website is the initial phase of a ministry dedicated to sharing Christ in the events of life. As this site grows and becomes financially self-sustaining, additional projects will be identified to support direct ministry to persons and in support of those who perform ministry on the front lines of living in our world. The ministry itself will be under the guidance of the Institute for Pastoral Care. As funding becomes available, the Foundation for Pastoral Care will begin work toward making ongoing funding available for this vital work. Please share your prayers and your support.

Grief and loss are components of life events far more frequently than we may imagine.  Loss through death, trauma or illness are what first come to mind.   However, pastors should be alert to grief and loss reactions in any situation of major life change.  These might include some of the simplest of life events.  Loss is felt in the experience of children going to kindergarten or to college, job loss, a move, retirement, illness or disability, career change and many other circumstances.  While not all of these situations trigger an observable loss or grief event for all persons, when they do, the process is amazingly similar to the loss of a family member in death. >>>MORE information>>>