Poor Season for Shrimpers

The Low Country is celebrating the crustacean that's on every seafood restaurant's menu. The Beaufort Shrimp Festival is underway; however, while people are enjoying all kinds of shrimp dishes, shrimpers are having one of their worst years ever.

Craig Dopson has caught shrimp in the Low Country for 28 years. "Everything is going wrong for the shrimpers this year," he says. He A shrimp disease is affecting the catch and prices are down. "We're getting about two dollars a pound for them."

Saxby Chaplin, III and his son come from a generation of shrimpers. "90% of the shrimp had black lung. Two weeks later, no shrimp." He says shrimpers are being let down by a system that is too restrictive and has bad trade policies. "There are 44 countries that import shrimp into the U.S," he says, "and when you know the best tasting shrimp is on the east coast here, something is not right."

Now, they're selling shrimp at the festival and hoping to be heard in Congress. So now they're selling shrimp at the festival hoping to be heard in Congress. The money raised selling the shrimp will go to the Shrimper's Association. They plan to lobby for shrimpers' rights before Congress.

Reported by: David Allgood