Republicans Fight for 12th District

Max Burns

The 12th Congressional Sistrict is turning out to be one of the most closely watched races in Georgia. Sunday republican Max Burns held a fundraiser in Savannah, as some of the most powerful republicans in the country are fighting to get one of their own elected.
"I want to come here and make sure I can do everything I can to help him become the congressman for this district," said House speaker Dennis Hastert.
With Vice President Dick Cheney showing his support for the former professor in Augusta, republicans from all around are trying to make sure their five-vote majority in the House grows bigger.
"He's got a lot of diversity in his support group today. Including democrats," said representative Jack Kingston.
Some democrats thought Charles Walker would be a shoo-in for the 12th District, but Burns and the republicans are pulling out all stops to try to win this seat. But the deciding factor in who will be the man for the newly drawn 12th Congressional District will be the people's vote on November 5.
The 12th District stretches about 200 miles from Savannah, up to Augusta and over to Athens.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen