Man Buried Alive

A Savannah man had close call this morning: he was buried alive. The man works for US General, the construction company hired to build one of the area's newest restaurants, the Macaroni Grill at Oglethorpe Mall. He was inside, digging a hole for two 2,500-gallon grease traps when it caved in, covering him with mud. Thanks to his coworkers, he was only buried for a very short time.

"Two or three of his fellow coworkers jumped down and uncovered his face and head so he could be able to breath, and they just uncovered him and waited for paramedics to arrive," said general manager Phil McConnell.

The workers were supposed to wait for some steel reinforcements to arrive before they started digging, but decided to work without the reinforcements in an attempt to beat the rain.

The buried man was rushed to the hospital, where he later died in surgery.

Reported by: Dmitra Denmark