One Arrest in Ogeechee Road Murder, Others Still at Large

A 34-year-old man is behind bars, accused in the shooting death of Oscar Tyson at the Liberty Inn early Sunday morning. Now police are looking for a second suspect.

Police believe these men could be involved with several unsolved homicides. They say it is too early in the investigation to say which unsolved murders, but both of these men are suspects, and they need your help now to find the one who is still on the run.

Sunday afternoon police found the body of Oscar Tyson with several gunshot wounds at the Liberty Inn motel on Ogeechee Road. The investigation went on "continuously, probably around the clock," according to Capt. Bob Merriman of the Chatham County police, who went on to say, "Very few of us have had a little sleep, it culminated in an arrest."

Police arrested Frederick Earl Lane early this morning after being tipped off that he works for International Aerospace Aero Services, a subcontractor at Gulfstream.

"He received notification we were there he tried to flee," said Merriman, "but we subsequently apprehended him off the side of the road."

Shortly after, police began searching for his brother James Lee Williams--who is the second suspect. Around 3am, he was spotted driving a stolen car, and police chased him to Gamble Road where he crashed into a ditch and ran off. Police are still searching for Williams and he is considered to be armed and dangerous.

Police say both of these men are suspects in several unsolved murders in the City of Savannah and Chatham County. While they can't give details, they say there were motives for all the murders, including the most recent at the Liberty Inn.

"They knew the victim and targeted him at the hotel," said Merriman. "He was set up, you might want to say."

Williams is considered armed and dangerous: police say don't approach him if you see him, but dial 911 immediately. They say he may frequent the Liberty City area and has a tattoo of Snoopy on his right wrist.

Police say there is a third suspect, but they are not releasing any information at this time. We'll of course keep you posted as this investigation continues.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro