Top Teacher--Elizabeth Dewey

She's got about five years of teaching under her belt, and one year at Oglethorpe Academy. Elizabeth Dewey teaches seventh grade science, and does all she can to keep even the least interested students learning more and more. While one group works on a lab about the law of mass, the rest of the students observe.

"Mrs. Dewey gives us a lot of fun stuff to do," says student Ben Richardson.

Dewey admits, being a teacher was the furthest thing in her mind while in college, and she never expected to be in this position.

"I wanted to be a marine scientist and I wanted to do all these different things, but then I realized that I really had a knack for kids," she says.

It's a knack that landed her right in the middle of this experiment. Students combined specific measurements of vinegar  and baking soda. The end result is supposed to be an expanded balloon, and it worked.

"It was kind of hard putting the balloon on the bottle without letting the baking soda come out," says seventh-grade scientiest Jasmine Grant.

Dewey's objective is to show seventh graders that learning the subject of science can be fun, for them...and herself.

"It's very challenging," she admits, "but it's one of the best jobs you can have."

Elizabeth Dewey is this week's Top Teacher.

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Reported by: Dmitra Denmark