Barnes on Van Plant Decision Delay

Here's the answer to one of the biggest questions around town this week: no, they didn't decide. Daimler Chrysler's still trying to make a decision about building a new plant in the Southeast. They've boiled down their choices to Pooler, Georgia, and Summerville, near Charleston, South Carolina.

Georgia Governor Roy Barnes was in town for the state technical colleges' Leadership Conference. Plenty of people thought he might be around for the big announcement Wednesday. But Daimler Chrysler is postponing, and the governor isn't surprised.

"That's not unusual in the whole course of things," he said. "We continue to have conversations with them. We've had some conversations today."

Daimler Chrysler's board of directors met in Germany yesterday. A company spokesman there says no decision has been made. Another said he did not expect a decision before next year.

Reported by: Liz Flynn