_Pieces of the Past on the 'Web_

You know how you wander around the World Wide Web and stumble across things you'd never expect? You can spend hours looking and learning about things from all around the world.

It all started when I was looking up some facts and wound up at the City of Savannah's web site. I'm a sucker for old images, and when I saw something about a letterhead collection, I was intrigued. Not so much the letters, but the trouble people went to generations ago to show how proud they were of their cities, and their businesses, and, yes, their good names.

Start with the city itself. It's obviously not the oldest in the collection; you can see a nearly modern skyline and steamships instead of sails. Click further down for the older stuff. Look familiar? Probably not, unless you fought fires 120 years ago. It's the fire department's letterhead, boasting high tech tools from 1887.

While we're talking technology, buckle up. Literally. With the help of the Mell Harness and Saddle company. They even did shoes. People shoes. And belts, and luggage and probably anything else you needed in leather.

The druggists did a nice job, from flowery forms to boasting big buildings.

Speaking of big buildings, here's a point of civic pride. Check out the Kehoe Ironworks, circa 1893.

bbAre the names beginning to sound familiar? The Mell family was the first clue, so why not Rourke? Slightly different lines back in the old days.

The People's Power Company had a futuristic design, for the late 1800's, while some stuck to the old ways, selling sail, even as steamboats ruled the seas, and set out from Savannah to spread the word, and our products around the world.