Rain Accumulation from Yesterday


NWS Radar network estimate rain accumuation
From 9:00 AM EDT Yesterday to 8:00 AM Today
From the WTOC-TV Weather Lab

NWS Radars rain accumation since 9:00 AM EDTyesterday to 8:00 AM today from WTOC-TV Savannah
This map depicts the estimated amount of rain that has fallen over the area since 8:00 AM EDT and is updated once per hour (about 20 minutes past the hour). The values are in inches.

The lightest pale blue depicts less than 0.10 inche of rain. Green would indicate about 1 inch ... yellow: 3 inches ... orange: 5 inches ... brown: 6 inches ... pink: 8 inches ... purple: 10 inches ... dark red: 12 inches ... bright red: 15 inches.