Beaufort County Candidate Accused

As voters prepare to go to the polls in just a few weeks, one Beaufort County sheriff candidate isn't campaigning full time. Instead, he's been on trial for misappropriating funds.

Sheriff candidate Butch Polk spent the day in court yesterday. The South Carolina Law Enforcement Officers Association filed a civil lawsuit last October against Polk for misappropriating funds over a 15-year period while serving as the district chairman. Polk countersued, saying the association slandered his name.

"They've alleged and they've sent it to the state law enforcement grand jury for investigation, and found nothing," said Jared Newman, Polk's attorney. "But they've basically alleged he's a crook, that he stole money, and he hasn't."

The trial is expected to resume today at the Beaufort County Courthouse.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey