Possible changes for Saint Patrick's Day

By Christy Hutchings - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Some are calling for a new plan for Savannah's Saint Patrick's Day that may change some of the things you do.

Hundreds of thousands of people fill the streets to celebrate the holiday, not to mention the vendors who flock to the city looking to cash in on all the green.

However, some want the rules changed.

Many businesses along River Street want the vendors gone.

"If we're going to have food and drinks on River Street let the local people do that," said Fred Plantadis with Tubby's Tank House.

Plantadis says the way it's set up now it's hard to compete, especially for businesses on the far ends of River Street.

"Last year we cut down a lot of the orders because we saw five days away how many were setting up, beer booths everywhere, food everywhere," said Plantadis.

Another problem with the vendors is the hassle that comes with them. "The traffic shuts down River Street for days. The vendors are not coming up here to eat they're too busy setting up, so much chaos going on."

Those are just two of the many issues council members like Van Johnson will have to consider.

"If you take an action there's always a reaction to the actions," said Johnson about taking vendors off the street.  Johnson said there are going to be a lot questions that need to be answered.

Also there's talk of getting rid of the barricades and finding other things the city can do to keep the people safe.

"All it takes is one incident, one major incident and people will run from Savannah like the plague," said Johnson.

Johnson says he's not sure who wants to make these changes or how why they came about so suddenly.

The timing of it all concerns him and at the meeting on Wednesday council members will try to sift through all the questions and figure out what's best for Savannah.