Daimler Chrysler Plant Coming to Pooler

Until today, both Pooler and Summerville, South Carolina, had been candidates for a new Daimler Chrysler cargo van plant. Jacksonville, Florida, had also once been in the running. Earlier today, we learned that Summerville had been ruled out. We now know that Pooler has been officially selected, and that groundbreaking on the construction is scheduled to begin as early as next July. Barring unforeseen events, the first vans are to roll off the line in 2005.

Governor Barnes will be in Savannah tomorrow to make a public announcement.

The plant is expected to create around 3,300 Daimler Chrysler jobs, and is one of the biggest economic development deals in the state. The company expects to begin immediate construction of adjacent facilities, which should create an additional 700 jobs.

Pooler mayor Buddy Carter held a press conference, in which we learned more than 10,000 jobs are expected to come to our area within ten years because of this plant.

"We are talking about accentuating all of the growth that has been going on in the City of Pooler and the surrounding area," said Carter. "We've enjoyed phenomenal growth over the past several years, and that's going to move even faster now. That means you're going to have even more houses built, and even more jobs, and the jobs that are coming are good jobs."

The average salary of a Daimler Chrysler employee is $47,000.

"Truly," said Carter, "this is significant not just for our generation, but for generations to come."

Carter says Pooler is ready for this type of growth, and has been planning for it.

While this is all very good news, the city wants to offer its condolences to the family of Albert Wall, Sr. He was one of the major property owners in this area, and he owned the property where the plant was going to be built. He died early this morning.

Reported by: Sonny Dixon