Pregnant Savannah woman murdered in Puerto Rico

Police arrested a Puerto Rican man.
Police arrested a Puerto Rican man.
Sara Kuszak
Sara Kuszak

By Christy Hutchings - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A pregnant Savannah woman was abducted during a morning jog and murdered while on an island vacation with her fiance.

Sara Kuszak and her fiance Cheshire McIntosh were vacationing in a small village in eastern Puerto Rico.

Wednesday morning Kuszak went for a jog. While running, someone kidnapped her and threw her in the trunk of a car.

She had her cell phone and from the trunk dialed the marina for help. They called police but an hour later officers found her body in a field with her throat slit.

We did some checking and found Kuszak and McIntosh at one time were captain and chef aboard a yacht called the Alemar.

CBS News has the story on their website saying police arrested a Puerto Rican man.

Police say he was covered in blood and had Kuszak's cell phone on him, but investigators have not yet charged him in the case.

Kuszak was five months pregnant. She moved to Savannah five years ago from San Francisco.

Friends say she was looking forward to the rest of her life with her fiance and unborn child.