New Information on Udinsky Suspension

Gary Udinsky

Chatham county chief appraiser Gary Udinsky has been suspended with pay since the end of July, and now another decision on whether or not he should return to work has been made. He was put on suspension so the board could look into his job performance. A motion was made to give Udinsky a written reprimand and let him return to work with a six month probation period. That motion passed but not without opposition.
"We had no problems and yet you want to give him a written reprimand, when we should be asking him to leave or be terminating him," said board member Larry Lower.
But Udinsky will not be returning to work immediately. Right after the board made that motion they made another, this time putting him on administrative leave until the next meeting. The board wants to investigate new information that has come up, which they say will help them make a final decision on Udinsky's future.
"New information came in as late as yesterday afternoon, and we feel like we need to look at it in order to do what we should do and do it properly," said board member Jimmy Fields.
Board members say they are following a procedure for progressive punishment as outlined in the Chatham County personnel manual. What this means is right now is that Udinsky has two written warnings in his file; a third could set him up for termination.
"We're probably in good shape, that if anything other comes up that we have to address from job performance or even personal conduct, we're in good shape to end it," said Lower.
Udinsky would not comment on the situation, but the board did request that he attend the next meeting which is on Tuesday. That is when they are expected to make a final decision.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro