Top Teacher--Ella Cooper

Ella Cooper


Cooper surrounds her students with learning material.

It's two weeks in a row for Seabrook, South Carolina, as we're honoring another teacher from James J. Davis Elementary School. Her name is Ella Cooper, and this teacher is both patient and persistent when it comes to her students.
Over the years, she has developed a special way of teaching her students.
"When I teach, I think of the whole child and I know that every child is different, so I have to consider the learning styles of my students," she says.
Her learning style is one that is very laid back, yet she expects a lot from her students.
"She makes sure that you understand the work, all of it, so you won't forget it," says fourth grader Raheem Williamson.
Cooper makes that happen through lessons, and she makes sure everywhere the students look, they're learning. As you can see from the classroom image here, she surrounds her students with knowledge. For example, she uses a pocket chart that has both words and definitions from the current reading assignment.
Now, the students are working on language arts. They're learning about things like plot and setting.
"She's nice and when we don't understand something, she knows how to help us," notes student Shamone Simmons.
Cooper helps by working with her students to set goals.
"I always motivate my children to be dynamic learners," she says. "And I use a lot of strategies, ideas, to create varying activities so I know that each child will experience success."
Ella Cooper, this week's Top Teacher.

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Reported by: Dmitra Denmark