Effingham County Triple Homicide

The crime scene on Ebenezer Road in Rincon.

Three people were found shot to death in Rincon, and Effingham County police are looking for answers. The sheriff's department says this is the first triple homicide the county's ever seen. When they answered a call around 9:45am this morning, what they stumbled upon was gruesome.
Police found David Brian Cribbs shot dead inside of his truck. They found his two children, 18-year-old Ashley Brook Cribbs and 28-year-old David Brian Cribbs, Jr., shot to death outside in the back of their home. They say it happened around 7:30pm last night, but the bodies were not discovered until this morning when a neighbor found them and called 911. So far they have no leads and no suspect.
"We haven't really moved the bodies yet, we're still working to that point," said Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie. "We have a lot of ground to cover and it's slow. It's like picking blades of grass."
Officials have told us that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has taken over the investigation, though they have no leads and no motive at this point.
"Everybody seems to have their money on them," added Sheriff McDuffie. "They had wallets, we found all the wallets, so it doesn't appear to be a robbery."

Reported by: Nicole Teigen