Sandfly Wal-mart May Still Face Rezoning

Once again, the Sandfly Wal-mart came up during the Chatham County Commission meeting. The project was already approved by the Metropolitan Planning Commission, but those plans may change.

Today the county commission voted to ask the MPC for a recommendation on rezoning the property. The commission says it wanted the MPC to hold off on any decisions until its research was done to avoid problems like this. So now the Wal-mart property goes back to the MPC, which means it could recommend the property be zoned for a different use.

"Wal-Mart could mix in with residentials," said commissioner John McMasters. "We want to see it as a multi-use something that fits in that area."

The county commission will have to vote on whether or not to accept the MPC's recommendation. That would mean the property will have to go through the entire rezoning process.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro