Effingham County Triple Homicide Update

It's being called one of the worst crimes in Effingham County history. Three people--a man and his two children--have been found dead. Investigators estimate it happened sometime Thursday afternoon outside a home on Ebenezer Road north of Rincon, but the crime wasn't discovered until just before 10am Friday, when a neighbor went to visit and found 48-year-old David Cribbs, Sr., dead in his pickup truck in front of the home. Cribbs owned a towing business in Savannah.

When Effingham County sheriff's deputies arrived, they discovered the bodies of Cribbs' two children in the backyard, 28-year-old David Cribbs, Jr., and 18-year-old Ashley Brooke Cribbs. Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie says it appears they were all shot to death. They are looking for a motive and trying to rule out some possibilities.

"Still no weapons, still no clues that we can find as of yet," the sheriff told us. "Anybody who has ideas, if they will give us a call at the sheriff's office, we'd appreciate it."

If you have any information about the murders the Effingham County sheriff is looking for your help: give them a call at 754-3449.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen