Champ a No-Show in Effingham County

The race for the newly formed 12th Congressional District seat in Georgia is drawing a lot of attention, and with the November election just over a week away, most candidates are taking every opportunity they can to speak to the people. But not all of them. Democratic candidate Champ Walker was a no-show at a Saturday political forum in Effingham County.

"I'm terribly disappointed that he hasn't chosen to participate in the forums around the state," said Gussie Nease, chairman of the Democratic Party of Effingham County. "I have talked to his campaign office and I've urged them to be here this morning."

This marks the third political forum that Charles Walker has not attended. His absence here, says republican candidate Max Burns, is only making the Champ look like he's fighting a losing battle.

"It's just showing a pattern," Burns said. "It's showing a pattern of irresponsibility. It's showing a pattern that he doesn't care about the people, he doesn't care about the district, he's not interested in representing the 12th District."

While other candidates jockey for Georgia's political seats, some members of the Democratic Party say the Champ's absence is only causing him to fall strides behind.

"I think in Effingham, it will affect him greatly, that he didn't choose to be a part of our county," said Nease.

WTOC contacted Charles Walker's headquarters in Augusta to ask why he didn't attend the Effingham forum. His spokesman said Champ was sorry he couldn't make it, but already had a previous engagement.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen