GOP Candidate for Top Spots Visit Beaufort

Mark Sanford

Lindsey Graham

The men who want two of the top offices up for grabs, Lindsey Graham and Mark Sanford, hit the Low Country today, trying to get your vote. This was their first stop this morning, before heading up the coast, to wrap up their three-day leadership tour around the state.
Local republican supporters crowded Blackstone's Deli in Beaufort to welcome republican US Senate candidate Graham and welcome home GOP gubernatorial candidate Sanford.
"I came out here to support Mark and Lindsey, because they to me are more in tune with the way I think," said supporter Mary Jane Martin. "And the way I think South Carolina should think."
"I'm a life long republican number one, and number two, South Carolina needs what this ticket has to offer," added area resident Harold Cahill.
The two candidates have been traveling the state, meeting and greeting South Carolina residents to rally support before election day. But for Sanford, this stop in Beaufort is a familiar one.
"It's neat to be home," he said. "I grew up here in Beaufort and graduated high school in Beaufort."
These GOP candidates not only came to rally support, but spread their message. For Sanford, that message is about reallocating educational dollars directly to the classroom, maintaining the quality of life, and raising income levels to provide more economic opportunities, like the recent Daimler Chrysler plant the state missed out on.
"I think we've got to do a better job than we are presently in attracting investment, capital and jobs to the state," Sanford said.
After serving eight years in US Congress, Lindsey Graham is running for Strom Thurman's seat in the US Senate, sending out the message he's the next conservative voice for South Carolina.
"I'm a republican like Strom Thurman, a conservative like Strom Thurman, and President Bush needs all the help he can get in the Senate to make permanent tax cuts and fight the war of terrorism," he said.
The three-day tour is ending tonight in Florence, after hitting four coastal cities throughout the day.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,