118th District Candidates Address Education

Steve Cheney

Bill Herbkersman

The two candidates running for the newly created 118th District, republican Bill Herbkersman and democrat Steve Cheney entered the race for different reasons. But both think they are what South Carolina needs.
"I'm frustrated about our school system and getting appropriate funding for our schools," said Cheney. "I've said right up front we need anti-hazing legislation. We need a click-it or ticket law. We need an amber alert system. And those would be my three biggest priorities."
"It's been the infrastructure problems we're having with Highway 278, but  the ongoing problems we have here is the education system," said Herbkersman. "It's been so bad, it all boils down to the effectiveness and accountability of government."
The polls open 7am Tuesday, November 5 and close at 7pm. We'll have complete election coverage right here on WTOC. You can also log on to wtoc.com for up-to-the minute results.

Reported by: David Allgood, dallgood@wtoc.com