Triple Murder Arrest

Police have a huge new break in a triple murder that shocked a small Effingham County community. Sheriff's deputies arrested a suspect in the shooting deaths of a father and his son and daughter. They're saying their suspect is in jail in Beaufort County. He was arrested on Monday on unrelated charges, and tonight he's been charged with three additional counts of malice murder.

DeAnthony Germaine Griffin

Forty-eight-year-old David Brian Cribbs, his 28-year-old son David Brian Cribbs, Jr., and his daughter, 18-year-old Ashley Brooke Cribbs were shot to death outside their home more than a week ago. Now the Effingham County Sheriff's Office is charging DeAnthony Germaine Griffin with the murders.
"Right now, the best we can find out, he was the only one. He did it by himself," said Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie.
Even more disturbing, Griffin knew the Cribbs family quite well.
"From what we've found out, he has been a friend of the family for quite a while," said Sheriff McDuffie.
Law enforcement officials also say they're still a long way from closing the case on the first triple homicide in the county's history. They say the investigation is ongoing, and they have no motive at this time.
If Griffin is found guilty of malice murder, he could very well face the death penalty.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,