Coast Guard crews continue to deploy for Carolina rescues

Coast Guard crews continue to deploy for Carolina rescues

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) -Rescue missions continue for the United States Coast Guard out of the Carolinas as airmen pull person after person from flooded homes, cars, and streets.

A majority of these saves are from flooded cars, as people don’t quite realize how deep these waters are. Many residents that were unable or refused to heed mandatory evacuation orders are now stuck in pretty treacherous conditions.

“"It’s not over yet, so we’re prepared to respond. Lots of cars in the water," said Lt. Commander Jake Wrieden of the U.S. Coast Guard. "There was a flash flood so I don’t think everyone was too prepared and there were some houses in that general area that were surrounded by water.”

Lt. Wrieden returned from surveying the Myrtle Beach area Monday evening.

“I did see about four or five examples today of cars in the water, and I just want people to understand that they need to stop driving their automobiles in flood zones," said Lt. Wrieden. "There’s no way to tell how deep the water is. So even if it looks it’s an inch deep, it may not be. So just turn around and find a different way.”

While Florence progresses inland, its slow trek has emergency crews ready to jump in at any minute.

“Our plans are to continue to respond as needed," said Lt. Wrieden. "We will sit here and wait as long as we have to until everyone is safe and accounted for, and flooding is over.”

These crews will continue flights through the week monitoring these conditions aerially. WTOC will be joining a flight crew Tuesday for a firsthand look at the damage from above. WTOC’s Danielle Lewan will have the inside scoop on The News at 6:00 Tuesday evening.

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