Team Jasper deploys to Horry County for recovery efforts

Team Jasper deploys to Horry County for recovery efforts

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) -Fire crews from Jasper County Fire-Rescue, Hardeeville Fire, Ridgeland Fire, and Levy Fire left early on Monday morning to support recovery efforts in Horry County, S.C.

Nine people on five tankers rolled out dark and early from the station in Jasper County. Horry County sent out a statewide plea for 15 tankers, and Jasper County alone is providing a third. They are scheduled to be there for seven to 10 days. Emergency Services Director Frank Edwards says tankers aren’t as common in urban areas but are essential to firefighters when typical water supplies are damaged or cut off.

“If you have primarily fire hydrants and the pumps get flooded, the power’s out for long period of time, the generators break or whatever that supply the pumps, that you have some capability to supply water for fire-fighting purposes,” Edwards said.

He also says it’s an opportunity for those going to learn what problems first responders are facing and bring successful solutions back to Jasper County. Edwards said that’s another way they can be better prepared for future storms. He says the last week has been good practice for the emergency operations center. Leaders will assess what worked and what needs work this week, and implement those changes into future plans.

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