NC evacuees enjoying Savannah while hoping for the best back home

NC evacuees enjoying Savannah while hoping for the best back home

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Savannah is playing host to our northern neighbors who escaped ahead of Florence.

Some North Carolina evacuees in downtown Savannah say flooding is keeping them away longer than they’d like.

Wilmington area evacuees spent the day along the Savannah River as they wait to see when they can head home.

Claudia, Bear and Elle Thompson played along on River Street Monday trying to find normal during a time that’s anything but.

“We were very glad we left,” Claudia said.

The family evacuated Wilmington in the dark Wednesday morning and have been in Savannah with family since.

“They don’t understand why we’re still here. They want to go back home,” Claudia said.

The five and seven-year-olds aren’t alone. The Thompsons met several other evacuees along the river Monday wanting the same thing.

“Not sure when we’re going to get back,” said Robert Weiskopf, a Hampstead, NC evacuee.

Friends and neighbors who stayed now sending photos, allowing them to assess the damage from afar.

“Talked to a fellow landscaper up there, and he said it looked like a bomb went off,” Weiskopf said.

“I’ve teared up a couple times, namely when I found out there was a tree on my roof,” Claudia said.

Even with their own repairs looming, they say Wilmington is already recovering.

“Everybody pulls together really well. There’s been a lot of neighborly love. There’s been a lot of outreach. There are a lot of churches who are doing their part to make sure no one’s left behind,” Claudia said.

They’re ready to help when they get home.

“Good luck to everybody, and we’ll see you back there soon,” Weiskopf said.

Most are hoping to get back by the end of this week, but it depends if the roads to get them there are open and what sort of necessities are available when they get there.

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