WTOC surveying damage left by Florence with U.S. Coast Guard

WTOC flies with Coast Guard crews to survey Hurricane Florence damage

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Coast Guard Air Station Savannah crew members are continuing rescue missions and damage surveys out of the Carolinas on Tuesday.

WTOC’s Danielle Lewan is flying exclusively with crews to the North Myrtle Beach area.

Crews are ready at any moment when the call comes. Sunny skies and dry land out of Savannah, Georgia quickly turned into flooded streets and uprooted trees in the Carolinas.

“All the water flowing down is now protruding over the roads and into some houses," said Kenny Boatner, U.S. Coast Guard.

Residents are boating and kayaking to and from their homes.

“I definitely didn’t expect that. I expected people to be evacuated, but glad to see they were safe and okay. They weren’t in any kind of emergency or anything like that," Boatner said.

Railroad tracks, roads, and most avenues of transportation are still submerged from miles inland to the Myrtle Beach coast.

“It’s a tough thing to see. You never want to see it, but natural disasters can be pretty scary," Boatner said.

“Oh man, I don’t envy them at all,” said Lt. Crystal Barnett, U.S. Coast Guard. “Definitely a hardship they’re going through being stuck. Some of them can’t leave their homes, obviously, with water up through their driveways.”

Airmen want to remind those stuck in the destruction to remain cautious.

“Definitely stay out of the water if you can,” Barnett said. “Stay inside your homes. If you need the Coast Guard’s assistance, dial 911.”

This is just the beginning. Crews will continue to deploy this week. Water levels are still rising and folks still need help. We’ll continue to monitor the missions and damage surveys.

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