Probate judge sued for delayed gun permits

Probate judge sued for delayed gun permits

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Even though the Chatham County probate judge says they’re now following the law when it comes to weapon carry permits, his troubles might not be behind him.

Another applicant filed a lawsuit within the last week, claiming the judge took too long and eventually denied his application for a wrong reason. Judge Tom Bordeaux says the backlog is finally gone. However, people who say they had to wait too long to get their permits are still suing him.

In the most recent lawsuit, the applicant says the probate court waited more than 90 days to process his application. The judge then denied the request because of a simple assault domestic violence misdemeanor charge. The attorney filing suit says that denial is wrong.

For some background, the judge says a lack of funding, employees, and space forced thousands of people to wait too long for their permits for much of the past year. Earlier this year, in April, he told us he and the court deserved to be sued because of how long it was taking. The judge is adamant the court is following the law now.

“If you filed an application, we are acting within the time provided by law, and if it’s grantable, it is granted within the 10 days. If it’s not, within the appropriate 10 days, then we have to deny it.”

Bordeaux says more money from county commissioners and the hard work of his employees got rid of that backlog in just a few months. Despite this, he says they still need more funding and space. We’ll follow this lawsuit and continue to bring you the latest.

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