SCCPSS creates School Safety Task Force

SCCPSS creates School Safety Task Force

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools set out to get some fresh perspective on the overall safety and security of their schools.

They’re doing that with the creation of a School Safety Task Force. It isn’t just Board of Education employees - it’s also made up of local police chiefs, elected leaders, the court system, students and parents - and they’re looking for your feedback.

The Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools Emergency Manager says he saw feedback as mostly positive and constructive at the first meeting between the School Safety Task Force and the public.

“They like seeing school resource officers, they like the elementary schools having school safety aids implemented in their schools. They like the security measures with the metal detectors and the entry control at the facilities, so that was the big point to drive home last night, was the positive momentum that we have in school safety," said Justin Pratt, SCCPSS, Emergency Manager.

For school district parents like Michelle Haberland, the more brains in the room thinking about school safety, the better.

“It sounds like our school board and our school system are working hard to implement some programs that will help keep our students in our schools safe,” Haberland said.

As the task force gets community feedback, they’ll pass along recommendations to the school board to go through a vetting process.

“I think the feedback we’re getting is going to allow us to be more well-rounded. We’re going to be able to take the information from all parties involved and use that to progressively move forward as safety and security measures evolve within the district," Pratt said.

The School Safety Task Force initiative comes at a time when the district is increasing the ranks of the Board of Education Police Department, which has 30 school resource officer candidates going through background checks and training now.

The district has also added school safety aids, adding some as recently as this week.

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