Statesboro PD searching for suspect in shooting at Butler Homes

Statesboro PD searching for suspect after shooting at Butler Homes

STATESBORO, GA - (WTOC) - A shooting in Statesboro on Wednesday left one man hospitalized and police looking for the shooter.

It happened at Butler Homes, but police say a search a few blocks away widened out their scene. Now, they’re asking witnesses, and even the shooter, to come forward with information.

Crews rushed the victim to the hospital, but police have not been able to question yet. They say they haven’t gotten as much information as they need to find the shooter or get the shooter’s side of the story.

“When we have people who’ll use extreme violence in our neighborhoods, people in the neighborhood need to band together and come forward and work with us to prevent those kinds of incidents from happening again,” said Chief Mike Broadhead, Statesboro Police Department.

The sound of more shots led police to West Jones Avenue to search the woods. They didn’t find the shooter, but they did find a gun that they think was the weapon.

The chief says the last thing they need right now is people taking matters into their own hands and retaliating with their own shooting that leads to another shooting, and another.

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